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Kume Japanese Restaurant

In Featured Restaurants By Sara Beth Nelson / July 2015

Set the night ablaze at Kume Japanese Restaurant. Opened in July of 2014, Kume is a standout in busy Brickyard Square in Epping, New Hampshire. Modern floor-to-ceiling natural stone walls, etched glass dividers, and ample lighting in the main dining room contrast with the lightly colored and impressive well-stocked bar. Along the back side of the restaurant chefs are abuzz at the sushi bar, showcasing a rainbow of fresh sashimi atop boats and decorative plates. Mahogany walls and gray stone are backlit to complement the inviting espresso-toned leather chairs that frame the rectangular stainless steel grills in the habachi dining room. Smartly dressed chefs, at home behind the grills, set the expectation that this is not your everyday dining experience.

7th Settlement

In Featured Restaurants By Diane Bair & Pamela Wright / June 2015

This convivial pub, brewery, and restaurant, located in a former mill building, takes its roots seriously. Owned by David Boynton and Josh Henry, two local residents, it’s named after the city of Dover, the seventh oldest non-indigenous settlement in America. The establishment also tries to hire locally, to re-use local supplies (the restaurant windows, wood accents, and bar top come from old Dover mill buildings), and support area farmers, using close-to-home ingredients for their farm-to-table dishes.

Savory Square Bistro

In Featured Restaurants By Alexandra Pecci / February 2015

Chef Ron Boucher is synonymous on the Seacoast with his cooking school Chez Boucher. But less well-known is his restaurant, Savory Square Bistro, which opened in February 2012. Discover the hidden Depot Square gem, and you’ll find an eatery that specializes in country-French cooking with a twist.

Good Karma Café

In Featured Restaurants By Alexandra Pecci / January 2015

Since opening next to the train depot in Exeter in May of 2012, Good Karma Café has made a name for itself by serving up healthful food that's also delicious. The two-story building has a laid-back, comfortable ambience and is open all day, from breakfast on. The café began as an all vegan eatery; now, it's expanding beyond those plant-only roots with a revamped menu that includes organic, grass-fed burgers and fish, along with its signature smoothies and bowls.

The Black Birch

In Featured Restaurants By Stephanie Deihl / September 2014

At The Black Birch in downtown Kittery, proprietors Gavin Beaudry, Benjamin Lord, and Jake Smith ensure the vibe of the restaurant supports their comfort food menu. “We want everyone’s experience to be the experience we want to have when we dine out,” Lord says, which turns out to be a community block party in restaurant form.

Martingale Wharf

In Featured Restaurants By Jessica Sacco / September 2014

If waterfront dining is on your agenda, look no further than Martingale Wharf in downtown Portsmouth. Situated on the Piscataqua River, the restaurant will wow you with its stunning views on the city’s largest alfresco deck.

The Old Salt

In Featured Restaurants By Sara Beth Nelson / July 2014

The Higgins family has operated a restaurant in Hampton since the 1980s, and for over a decade at its current location in a 1740 building. There’s a variety of traditional fare at The Old Salt Restaurant, with over 100 choices available any time of day— including an extensive gluten-free menu.