What is TASTE e-Critique?
A customized instant digital survey that allows your patrons to communicate their experience in real-time via smart phone or tablet.

How does it work?

Where Do We Start? 
Customize Your Survey

Work with TASTE e-Critiques to create questions that will optimize the data you collect and understand what your patrons really love and feel needs improvement.

Customize your survey with your logo and colors to support brand consistency.

Create QR code that can be accessed by patrons at any time for easy survey completion.


Get Instant Feedback
Once a patron has taken the survey, you will receive an email instantly with the results. You will have access to emails and names to contact patrons and rectify any negative experiences as needed.

Thank You Response

In addition to a thank you page after submitting the survey, responding patrons will also receive a thank you email to their personal email account. This Thank You Response can be customized with links or reminders of upcoming events or giveaways and is also a final branding opportunity.

Custom reports are sent monthly with a breakdown of all responses and feedback giving you a monthly overview of results allowing more insight into patterns and customer satisfaction.

Added Value
Adding a discount coupon or other drawing for answering survey promoting repeat business. Address issues with patrons immediately rather than potentially posting a negative experience to social media. Information gathered is vital to the ever-changing culinary experience and gives you a direct pulse on your patrons.


TASTE e-Critiques is owned and operated by TASTE of the Seacoast Magazine and all surveys are handled locally.
For more information contact:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.