Web Advertising

Get 40,000+ impressions a month with a banner or tower ad on Tasteoftheseacoast.com.
What's a banner ad?
A banner ad is a leader board ad (728px by 90px) located at the top of our homepage and every page on our site. This banner can be targeted to specific page content. We can customize your campaign to run on specific pages or run of site (all pages, all the time).
What's a tower ad?
A tower ad is a highly visible vertical ad (166px by 600px) that runs the center column of our homepage (on the right hand side) and follows the page as visitors scroll.
What's a badge ad?
A badge ad (250px by 266px) is a simple, yet effective ad on the right side of our site. It runs on all pages and like the tower ad, will follow the page down as visitors scroll.
All of our pages are also designed for mobile and tablet devices. This means your banner will never go unseen and will always adjust for the technology it is being viewed on.
Who visits our site?
Seacoast foodies are viewing 40,000 pages on our site per month. They do more than visit, they get cozy and browse five (5) minutes or longer and hit an average of five (5) pages per visit. 
We love our visitors and are always updating our site with new content. 50% of our visitors come back more than once a month. They trust Taste of the Seacoast Magazine and look to us for food, wine, and dining 24/7.
Banner Ad Pricing:
 Open Rate
 3 Months  6 Months  12 Months
 $350  $795  $1495  $2495
Tower Ad Pricing:
 Open Rate
 3 Months  6 Months  12 Months
 $295  $695  $1295  $1995
Badge Ad Pricing:
 Open Rate
 3 Months  6 Months  12 Months
 $225  $595  $995  $1295
Looking for more?
- Add any web campaign to a print campaign and save 20% off print advertising.
- Sponsor our TASTE e-Bites Newsletter and reach over 20,000 followers with a footer banner for $295.
If you have any questions or would like more details, please contact 
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