What Fishermen Eat (and why) Feature

In Features By Christine Burns Rudalevige & Mollie Sanders / June 2015

Some of the best fish rarely make it to our tables – but they should. Seacoast fisherman Erik Anderson has been harvesting seafood from Gulf of Maine waters for over 40 years. His considerable tenure at sea—most recently focusing on pulling lobsters aboard his vessel, the Kris ’n’ Kev, which he lands in Portsmouth Harbor—has certainly not spoiled his taste for all kinds of fish. In fact, the opposite is true.

Spotlight on The Kennebunks, Maine Feature

In Features By Rachel Forrest / April 2015

The meandering Kennebunk River separates the small village of Kennebunk from its sister town closer to the ocean, Kennebunkport—collectively called the Kennebunks, just 90 miles north of Boston. Both offer plenty of history and the romance of the sea along with casual seafood shacks and more upscale dining featuring world class chefs. There’s plenty to do here with scenic locations for romantic getaways, vacationing families, and destination weddings. Seafood from local waters is the main culinary attraction, with lobstermen hauling in their catch daily, but chefs also get fresh produce and meats in abundance from nearby farms. The Lower Village in Kennebunk and One Dock Square in Kennebunkport are the centers of their towns, great launching spots for walking tours, shopping, and enjoying lunch, dinner, or a cocktail as the sun sets.

Dinner, Dessert, & Dreams Feature

In Features By Kristyn Lak Miller / February 2015

Postcards from the Seacoast’s Exceptional Hotel Restaurants The best hotels are welcoming retreats where you escape and recharge—the same is true of the best restaurants. In combining the two, hotel restaurants up the ante, inviting you to stay the night after you stay for dinner (reaching for your room key instead of your car key is a dreamy way to end a meal). Don’t let the tourists have all the fun—treat your backyard like the vacation destination it is, and combine an unforgettable dinner with an equally unforgettable overnight stay. Here, we share a few hotel restaurants with truly noteworthy guest rooms and dining rooms. Definitely worth the trip!

Serious Sandwiches Feature

In Features By Diane Bair and Pamela Wright / August 2014

An exploration between the slices According to common lore, the sandwich was invented by British statesman John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. Legend says that he didn’t want to leave the gambling table for dinner, so he asked a servant to throw a piece of meat between two slices of bread to avoid getting grease on the cards. It’s unlikely that this was the first time anyone slapped a piece of food between bread, but the idea caught on and it was named “sandwich” in his honor.

Burger Meisters Feature

In Features By Diane Bair and Pamela Wright / August 2014

Technically, burgers are a sandwich by definition of a filling on bread—a patty on a split bun. But they are their own category, with so many variations. Seacoast chefs are putting their unique twists on the all-American hamburger, creating flavorful patties to flip over.

Small Plates are BIG Feature

In Features By Rachel Forrest / September 2013

Appetizer, entree, dessert—it’s a familiar dining progression we’ve seen at home and on restaurant menus for decades. But that’s been slowly changing, as our American palates have developed and we like to taste and sample a number of dishes when we go out. As several newer restaurantsare demonstrating, small plate dining is upon us in full force. More and more local restaurant have menus organized under terms like “Snacks,” “Bites,” “To share,” or small, medium, and large plates.