Food Finds

Thai’d and True

In Food Finds By Lisë Stern / January 2021

Bangkok native Watcharee Limanon is the brains—and heart—behind the flavor in the versatile line of Watcharee’s, a quintet of complex and delicious Thai sauces. Read more

A Fount of Chocolate

In Food Finds By Lisë Stern / February 2020

When Andy and Samantha Brown’s house burned down in early 2016, they naturally decided to start a chocolate company. It had been a longtime dream, and the fire made them realize everything could be lost any time; might as well take the plunge. Read more

Enhanced Maple

In Food Finds By Lisë Stern / January 2020

In New England, we are accustomed to excellent pure maple syrup. Which is great as is. But then, there are enhancements that can make it that much better. Read more

Going Nuts ~ GrandyOats

In Food Finds By Lisë Stern / January 2019

GrandyOats in Maine has been making oat-based granola for decades—since 1979, and current owners (self-described) Head Honcho Nat Peirce and Chief Granola Officer Aaron Anker have been in the business together since 2000. Read more

Ghee Whiz

In Food Finds By Lisë Stern / February 2018

Raquel Tavares was raised by a registered dietician mother who also had a degree from the California College of Ayurveda. Read more

Ice Ice Baby

In Food Finds By Jessica Sacco / August 2017

Chill out with one of Peter and Brenda Oldak’s ice wines. Rhapsody in Blue & Vidal Blanc is a combintation of sweet, dense, and concentrated blends. Read more

Spice Up Your Life

In Food Finds By Jessica Sacco / June 2017

Rita Wollmering and Brooke Finn have put their green thumbs to good use by optimizing the multitude of herbs and vegetables grown on their 10-acre farm, appropriately called The HERB FARMacy. Read more