Cleanse Your Palate with New Zealand Vodka

Spirited Tastes by JoAnn Actis-Grande / January, 2019

January is the biggest month of the year for wine in New Hampshire, featuring many happening events during the Winter Wine Festival at Wentworth by the Sea Hotel & Spa, and New Hampshire Wine Week. With so much wine around, I am cleansing my palate with Broken Shed Premium Vodka, a smooth and clean vodka I discovered a few years ago that is now available here!

Broken Shed Premium Vodka is made in Wanaka, a small town in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. With New Zealand producing so many great wines lately, I was excited to find a great vodka made there.

BrokenShed shedKiwi and master distiller, Mark Simmonds, developed the recipe. Broken Shed is four times distilled with the finest New Zealand whey (referred to as milk honey) that is rich in proteins. For its water, Simmonds has exclusive access to two distinct water sources – one from the North Island, the other from the South Island. By using these two water sources he is able to craft a balanced and unique vodka.

The name “Broken Shed” started in an old broken shed on Lake Wanaka where two guys from the North East left their homes for a different lifestyle. They met Simmonds, and came up with the idea of creating a special type of vodka. The shed is now a tasting room.

Broken Shed vodka is sugar free and gluten free, hand crafted in small batches with aromas of vanilla and subtle tastes of butterscotch. Serve it chilled over ice or add to your favorite mixer.

BrokenShed4RecipeVodka is very versatile and the main ingredient of many popular and well-loved cocktails – including wine cocktails. Calorie counters and those with restricted diets (most vodkas are gluten free) can enjoy Broken Shed without feeling guilty.

"Sparkling Shed"
3 oz. Broken Shed Vodka
2 oz. Champagne (or Prosecco)
Fresh Orange Wedge
Serve on the rocks

~Vodka can be stored in your freezer without turning to ice and many vodka lovers prefer it served ice cold.


JoAnn Actis-Grande is the Wine Editor for Taste of the Seacoast, and writes wine and travel columns for Coastal Home and She also writes a weekly column “Let’s Talk Wine” for Seacoast Media Group - Wine Jag Journeys