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With names like Dip Me Daddy-O and HubbaRubba, you know these are not your everyday spice rubs, but maybe they should be.

“My daughter came up with the name Hubba Hubba Foods,” says owner Sue Swietek, who started making rubs for family Christmas gifts. “We traced the origin of the term to other speakeasies and days of Prohibition. Once we knew that, we were able to play off those words and create some whimsy in our product line.” The original southwestern style Hubba Rubba, is Swietek’s go-to for fresh salmon, grilled burgers, or a quick batch of roasted chickpeas. Java Jive will have you hoppin’ with the exotic combination of coffee, star anise, and black pepper. “I like to play with flavors you wouldn’t think to put together. I adjust them until they are just right,” says Swietek.

That’s what makes Dip Me Daddy-O (basil, garlic, thyme, rosemary, oregano, salt, pepper, and a kick of chili flakes) a top seller. Herbes de Provence is a traditional, but noteworthy, combination that includes thyme, marjoram, and lavender, great for seasoning fish, poultry, vegetables, or vinaigrette. “One of my customers from France once gushed about how my Herbesde Provence tasted like home, and that’s what makes it worth it,” Swietek laughs. Hubba Hubba also makes salad dressing mixes and granola. The whimsical names, creative combinations, and appealing packaging make Hubba Hubba a welcome addition to spice up any pantry.

Hubba Hubba Foods
7 Mitchell Road
York, Maine