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Looking objectively at Nick Peters Bond’s career, it’s easy to say he’s got a pretty cool gig. After more than a decade working in restaurants, he’s now executive chef and co-founder with Meghann Basque of Kitchen to Aisle Catering & Events. He knew he wanted to enter the culinary world since middle school. “I didn’t have that one thing that I was good at or that I was really passionate about besides cooking,” Bond recalls. “When you’re a teenager it’s not really cool to love to cook.” That didn’t deter him, though; by the time he entered high school, Bond secured his first job as a line cook in his hometown of Stoneham, Massachusetts.

He earned degrees in culinary arts and hospitality administration at Southern New Hampshire University, then hit the ground running, working as the sous chef at Harvest in Cambridge under Executive Chef Mary Dumont. In 2015, Bond secured a spot on season 14 of Hell’s Kitchen and placed fifth. That same year, Zagat named him one of Boston’s “30 under 30” in the food industry. Bond continued to perfect his skills at Massachusetts restaurants, including Sea Level Oyster Bar in Salem and Castle Manor Inn in Gloucester. In 2016, to round out his skills, Bond became the front of the house manager and bartender at Newburyport’s Mission Oak Grill. He then got the opportunity to return to Hell’s Kitchen, this time for the All Stars competition, and placed third. Now, after opening his business in 2017, Bond is making his mark on the Seacoast, one dish at a time.

How did your catering business start?
The catering company came about by an accident in a sense. I was working with someone else at the time—the other person was starting a catering company. I offered to come on board and get them going. It didn’t end up working out with that person, but we still had events booked. I hired people I knew from the industry to help me. Meghann and I met through Mission Oak Grill. It ended up being perfect. Meghann and I looked at each other after one event and were like, if we can pull off a wedding under these circumstances, imagine what we can do with proper planning.

What’s the meaning behind your company’s name?
I wanted something that wasn’t just a name. It encompasses who we are. Kitchen to aisle, it’s almost a play on words, like farm to table. We do events in people’s kitchens, from a small cocktail party, to helping you walk down the aisle. Meghann is an awesome day-of coordinator. I’m the kitchen and she’s the aisle part. We do full events and Meghann has been the event planner and we’ve done events where we just cater. We are kind of unique because I have an extensive background as a chef and she has the background as an event planner. So it’s nice to have the best of both worlds.

What it was like competing on Hell’s Kitchen?
The first time I didn’t want to show off that much. I didn’t watch Hell’s Kitchen religiously. A lot of people were diehard fans. I wasn’t really prepared I think. But I was also surprised at how well I was doing on the show. It was fun, but I felt like I could have done a lot better if I had more experience. I also got a lot of independence being on the show. I wasn’t a very independent person. I was kind of a homebody. For me to go to Los Angeles for five weeks without a cell phone, it was a big deal for me. Going into All Stars I was so much more prepared and confident in my skills.

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