Drink Recipes

Cranberry Butterfly

In Drink Recipes By Cathy Walthers / July 2014

Flag Hill’s Karner Blue Gin, named for the endangered state Karner Blue Butterfly, has piney and nutty characteristics from juniper berries, along with subtle flavors from summer savory, orris root, cubab berries, and five other botanticals.

Spring Fling

In Drink Recipes By Sara Beth Nelson / June 2014

Congratulations to Thirsty Moose Tap House for taking home first prize with their cocktail, the crisp and refreshing Spring Fling.

Mi Cariño

In Drink Recipes By Catherine Walthers / April 2014

 Adapted from Maine Mead Works.

Cidre D'Anjou

In Drink Recipes By Sara Beth Nelson / November 2013

Warm your insides with this winning cocktail of the 2013 Fall Craft Cocktail Competition. The Cidre D'Anjou by Chris McClain of The Portsmouth Gas Light combines Cointreau and mulled cider making a smooth and comforting spirit. Perfect for your holiday celebrations!

Light ’n’ Stormy

In Drink Recipes By Lisë Stern / September 2013

Adapted from Maine Mead Works.1-inch piece fresh ginger2 lime wedges, divided2 ounces cachaça (Brazilian rum)½ ounce HoneyMaker Semi-Sweet Meadsplash ginger beer (such as Captain Eli’s) 1. In a dry mixing glass, muddle the ginger and 1 lime wedge.2. Add the cachaca and mead and fill with ice. Shake and strain into a tall glass filled with ice. Top with ginger beer and garnish with remaining lime wedge.Makes 1 serving Photograph by Sara Beth Nelson

Maple Mousse Martini

In Drink Recipes By Lisë Stern / May 2013

Serve this New England themed mousse in martini glasses for an elegant finish to a meal. For added maple flare, top with granulated maple sugar or a drizzle of syrup, and garnish the plate with a maple  sugar candy.

The New English

In Drink Recipes By Sara Beth Nelson / April 2013

The winning cocktail of the 2013 Spring Craft Cocktail Competition by Neal Jacobs of Moxy, is a creative concoction of smoothness. Choosing to use the "Art in the Age" Spirit, Rhuby, as a base, it is enhanced by locally sourced liquor, rounding it out with a sleek flavor.