Best of TASTE 2016 - Inexpensive Eats

Best of Taste by Alana Jeralds, Rob Levey, & Jessica Sacco, with Lisë Stern / November, 2016


The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg continues to impress with its mouthwatering breakfast options. Everything on the menu is under $11, making it easy for patrons to return time and time again for savory omelets and pancakes loaded with fruit. The Kid’s Corner allows children to indulge in their favorite morning meals for under$6. Add in a bottomless cup of coffee and you could be there all morning. 960 Sagamore Avenue, Portsmouth, N.H., 603-436-0519,

The Country View Restaurant, Greenland, N.H.,
Colby’s Breakfast & Lunch Joint, Portsmouth, N.H., 603-436-3033
Café Espresso, Portsmouth, N.H., cafe—

The 401 Tavern

When it comes to lunch, The 401 Tavern keeps prices low, service quick, and meals delicious. “We try to do 10 items around 10 bucks,” says owner Desi Lanio. “We’re creative, we mix and match things. We try not to repeat anything.” To get the best bang for your buck, try any of the lunch items—like the Twin Beef Chili Cheese Hot Dogs, Tuna Melt, or Chicken Parm Sub. The weekly specials provide slightly more elaborate meals, all of which won’t break the bank. 401 Lafayette Road, Hampton, N.H., 603-926-8800,

Lexie’s Joint, multiple locations,
Beach Pea Baking Co., Kittery, Maine,
The Kitchen, Portsmouth, N.H.,


For the third year in a row, STREET takes homes the title for best inexpensive dinner. For co-owners Josh Lanahan and Michelle Lozuaway, keeping prices low was always a priority. “We set our intention from the beginning, as an affordable place where locals can come and eat two, three, five times a week,” Lozuaway says. The two are able to transform what would be considered the “lesser cut” of meat into something spectacular. “As opposed to chicken breast, we use chicken thighs,” Lanahan says. “Being street food, it’s already an economical choice.” 801 Islington Street, Portsmouth, N.H., 603-436-0860,

Roundabout Diner, Portsmouth, N.H.,
Lexie’s Joint, multiple locations,
The Maine Diner, Wells, Maine,

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