Souped Up

Food Finds by Alexandra Pecci / September, 2013

What’s more satisfying than a bowl of soup? Answering this comfort-food call is Dover-based The Soup Guy, which produces allnatural, gluten-free, mostly vegan soup and chili for local farmers’ markets and retail shops and cafes. The Soup Guy, or Chef-Owner Curtis Gould, packs his healthful creations with flavor. The popular beanand- veggie loaded Olé Molé Chili is spiked with organic Guatemalan cacao and darkroast Italian espresso, while the Smoked Mushroom and Corn Chowdah is thick with locally grown oyster mushrooms.

These two soups are Soup Guy mainstays, but Gould rotates other soup offerings, which include Cuban Citrus Black Bean and Pea and Lovage. There’s also a bacon-topped version of the corn chowder (center cut, nitrate-free), the one soup that’s not vegetarian. A rice- and fresh fruit-based Highland Breakfast Soup draws inspiration from the rice versions of oatmeal that Scottish missionaries ate in Japan.
For those who like adornments, The Soup Guy also provides accompaniments, like gluten-free vegan cornbread. Aficionados who want a little crunch will love the Souper Awesome Seeds, dry roasted organic sunflower seeds that are finished with tamari and Tabasco. “They make a great topping for the tops of our soups,” Gould says. “Or you could just eat them right out of the bag.” Gould says he has plans to open The Soup Guy Café and Juice Bar later this year in Dover, but until then, find The Soup Guy products at farmers’ markets and retail locations, such as Janetos Superette in Dover.

The Soup Guy
Dover, N.H.

Photograph Courtesy of The Soup Guy

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