Frozen Greatness

Food Finds by Stephanie Deihl / August, 2015

My sister introduced me to Gelato Fiasco. Now we both keep our freezers stocked with several flavors at all times. It’s worth the steep price. This gelato is incredible.

 Milk from Houlton Farms Dairy and Maine’s Own Organic Milk serves as a base for the gelato. Choosing a favorite isn’t easy. Since opening in Brunswick, Maine, in 2007, owners Josh Davis and Bruno Tropeano have developed over 1,500 flavors, and creativity is the name of the game here. “Bruno and I love taking a dessert that we see at a store or restaurant and thinking about how to turn it into a great gelato flavor,” Davis says. Wild Maine Blueberry Crisp Gelato is laced with oatmeal streusel. The award-winning Sweet Resurgam Gelato combines roasted almonds, burnt sugar, chocolate chips, and caramel, and Torched Marshmallow S’more Gelato includes graham crackers and homemade marshmallows.

Davis and Tropeano are equally inventive when it comes to their dairy-free, almost drinkable sorbettos, like bright orange Ripe Mango Sorbetto. They suggest pairing it with Dark Chocolate Noir Sorbetto. Pomegranate Chocolate Chunk Sorbetto is spun with miniscule chunks of dark chocolate chunks so as not to compromise texture or overwhelm the delicate fruit flavor. Try it sandwiched between homemade chocolate chip cookies for a real treat.

Davis says, “We currently have 22 flavors in pints, sold in grocery stores in 35 states. We usually have 30 to 40 flavors at a time in each of our two retail stores.” Head to the stores for individual scoops. But you’ll want to have pints on hand like I do, and you can find them at Golden Harvest in Kittery, Philbrick’s Fresh Market and McKinnon’s in Portsmouth, or Joppa Fine Foods in Newburyport.

Gelato Fiasco
425 Fore Street
Portland, Maine

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