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Good Jammin’

In Food Finds By Sara Beth Nelson / December 2015

It’s hard to taste Kim Otwell’s gourmet jellies and jams and believe she did not start with the heart of a chef. 

Frozen Greatness

In Food Finds By Stephanie Deihl / August 2015

My sister introduced me to Gelato Fiasco. Now we both keep our freezers stocked with several flavors at all times. It’s worth the steep price. This gelato is incredible.

The Victoria Inn Bed and Breakfast and Pavilion

In Taste(ful) Stays By Alexandra Pecci / August 2015

For a quiet, classy stay near Hampton Beach without the cacophony of the strip, The Victoria Inn Bed and Breakfast and Pavilion is a great option. Located just a half-mile from North Beach in Hampton, this circa 1875 carriage-house-turned-B&B was completely renovated in 2013, greatly enhancing its six guest rooms and suites.

Kimchi in Kittery

In Food Finds By Stephanie Deihl / April 2015

“Sour. Spicy. Stinky. Delicious.” That’s how Julian Armstrong and Gary Kim, of Son-Mat Foods and Anju Noodle Bar in Kittery, describe their signature Spicy Napa Cabbage Kimchi. Launched in early 2013, Son-Mat Foods now produces about 200 pounds per week of the hot Korean-style fermented cabbage condiment.

Mermaid Crossing, York, ME

In Taste(ful) Stays By Alexandra Pecci / April 2015

A private, fully furnished home with ocean views and optional luxuries, like a personal chef or massage therapist, set Mermaid Crossing apart from many other vacation spots in York. If a guest wants something, from wine delivery to a stack of their favorite magazines, Mermaid Crossing’s management aims to make it happen.

The Hotel Portsmouth, Portsmouth, NH

In Taste(ful) Stays By Alexandra Pecci / January 2015

Formerly the Sise Inn, The Hotel Portsmouth is under new ownership and is adding a full-service boutique hotel option to downtown Portsmouth. Daniel Innis and Doug Palardy, the folks who brought elegant-cool accommodations to Portsmouth with the Ale House Inn, are helming this venture with the newly remodeled Hotel Portsmouth, just reopened this April.

Upstairs at Massimo’s

In Deconstructed By Jim Cavan / October 2014

He’s a trendsetting tycoon, dressed to the nines and looking to grab a quick gimlet before the 5:10 p.m. train. He steps through a set of nondescript white double doors and into a warmly lit room with a gleaming bar and rich wooden decor, the bartender polishing glasses as throngs of fellow patrons sip and converse. Checking his pocket watch, he casually strolls up to choose his chair. I’m going to like it here, he thinks, smiling.