Spirited Tastes

Little Water

In Spirited Tastes By Rachel Forrest with Lisë Stern / February 2021

Vodka: it’s clear as water and ultra-neutral, a go-to spirit of choice for mixed drinks. The word vodka comes from the Slavic vodka, meaning water combined with the diminutive ka, little. Both Poland and Russia assert claims as vodka’s country of origin, with the first official use of the word appearing in the 18th-century Russia. It’s a relative newcomer in the United States, not appearing here until the early 20th century. Read more

Cleanse Your Palate with New Zealand Vodka

In Spirited Tastes By JoAnn Actis-Grande / January 2019

January is the biggest month of the year for wine in New Hampshire, featuring many happening events during the Winter Wine Festival at Wentworth by the Sea Hotel & Spa, and New Hampshire Wine Week. With so much wine around, I am cleansing my palate with Broken Shed Premium Vodka, a smooth and clean vodka I discovered a few years ago that is now available here! Read more

Cider Sensation

In Spirited Tastes By Jessica Sacco / November 2018

It’s been more than five years since the latest rebirth of hard cider, and it should come as no surprise, especially to apple-loving New Englanders, that the industry continues to grow. Craft cideries are popping up throughout the country, with entrepreneurs putting their own twist on the gluten-free beverage, blending all kinds of apples to create a sip that’s crisp, light, and refreshing. Read more

Return to Tiki Time

In Spirited Tastes By Rachel Forrest / May 2018

In ye olde New England, both taverns and homes often had bottles of rum on the shelves, a popular ingredient in Colonial cocktails. A “stone fence” mixed rum and hard cider and a “flip” contained rum, beer, molasses, and eggs, stirred with a poker glowing red from the hearth fire. Some of those old recipes are back, thanks to a resurgence in pre-Prohibition concoctions and our nerdy interest in sipping historical libations. Read more

The Art of Craft

In Spirited Tastes By Rachel Forrest / March 2016

Gather some grains, herbs, or potatoes, add water, and heat. Read more


In Spirited Tastes By Diane Blair and Pamela Wright / May 2015

In Mexico, premium tequilas have been produced and enjoyed for generations, but today their popularity reaches beyond the borders. "According to the Tequila Regulatory Council, tequila has seen the largest incremental rise in consumption among spirits, both in the U.S. and worldwide," says Sergio Ramos, business partner at Mixteca in Durham, New Hampshire, and Zapoteca in Portland, Maine. Read more

Super Ciders

In Spirited Tastes By Monica Velgos / November 2013

Gluten free, lighter than most craft beer, and lower in alcohol and calories than wine, hard cider is fast becoming America’s new brew. Not since the young, passionate days of the craft beer industry have we seen such breathlessness to get into the game. Research firm IRI recently reported sales of cider increased more than 65 percent from October 2011 to October 2012, compared with wine sales increasing 5.6 percent and craft beer 13 percent during that time period. Read more