Row 34 Halibut Ceviche

In Food Recipes By Lisë Stern / June 2016

Ceviche is raw fish that is “cooked” using some kind of citrus juice. Row 34’s ceviche gets a feisty kick from jalapeño chilies.

Marmalade Manhattan

In Drink Recipes By Lisë Stern / March 2016

Marmalade and blood orange bitters add an air of sophistication to this Manhattan.

Chocolate Stout Cake with Vanilla Bean Frosting

In Food Recipes By Lisë Stern / February 2016

This deep dark chocolate cake gets added flavor from chocolate stout. Chef Ben Hasty says they use whatever chocolate stout they happen to have on tap.

Winter Parsnip Confit

In Food Recipes By Lisë Stern / December 2015

Confit is a generic term for foods that have been cooked very slowly in some kind of fat. Most commonly confit involves duck leg quarters. Here, Chef Brendan Vesey of The Joinery makes the most of sweet Seacoast parsnips using this process. 


In Drink Recipes By Taste of the Seacoast / November 2015

Alo-Ha, the signature cocktail for the Best of Taste Bash 2015, combines New Amsterdam Vodka, Polly & Joan's Hand-Crafted Pineapple Cordial, fresh squeezed lime juice, and vanilla bean simple syrup, making for a deliciously fruity and refreshing creation to celebrate all the 2015 Best of TASTE winners!

Pad Thai

In Food Recipes By Lisë Stern / October 2015

Pad Thai is one of those highly adaptable dishes. Want all veggie? Omit the fish sauce and replace with soy sauce. Want something more substantial? Stir in the cooked protein of your choice— shrimp, fish, tofu, chicken, or beef. If you like heat, add chilies.

Classic Crème Brûlée

In Food Recipes By Lisë Stern / October 2015

The simplicity of this recipe is what makes it taste so good. Make vanilla sugar by placing a halved vanilla bean in a few cups of sugar in an airtight container. Let rest at least a day before using for best flavor. This classic brûlée is infused with vanilla beans for flavor, but you could use other flavorings, like pistachios or lavender.